R.L Mills is one of the great physicists of the last century The Yang Mills paper was a milestone..Space, Time and Quanta is a fine exposition of those topics for the layman.His theoretical physics book Propagators For Many Particle Systems is a gem of clarity.. This book by Robert Mills as in Yang Mills theory is a very nice bridge between the largely equation free laymen s books on particle physics and impenetrable textbooks It s aimed at students who are considering the academic pursuit of modern physics A decent grasp of freshman calculus is all that is needed to appreciate this book The reader is given insights into all of the usual topics space time, energy, momentum, particles, fields, the wave equation, etc but with a bit depth and rigor than is typical in a layman s book A real shame that it is out of print a great used book.There s also an unpublished manuscript for Part III which doesn t seem to be posted anywhere would appreciate any info if anyone knows its whereabouts on ine. This is an excellent book for Science majors and those looking for a gap between the layman s books and the professionals.The advantage is that the problems are separated out for you, and can be either skimmed, attempted, completed, or ignored altogether Depends on your skill, goal, and level of insanity.The book is extremely well written, with good practical examples and a clear, appropriate language No skimping on the proper terms as you find in most of the books at the local bookstore but not written to be pedantic or challenging It is there, in fact, to teach you physics Mills recommends it as a one or two semester physics textbook even, which I can definitely respect.Further, I found most of the examples and the problems to be interesting and pertaining to the real world But not simply your basic moving block, ball throwing type examples More towards the, wow, I ve never actually wondered why it is you see a rainbow in an oil slick type of examples.However, it is by no means an easy read I found myself going over passages again and again Still, well worth the endeavor. A very interesting book accessible to those without a high level of maths.Although containing some mathematical workings I found I could still follow the book by missing out the formulaeA definite page turner. very much an ideas and concepts book provides a very readable, panoramic introduction to modern physics a wonderfully personal perspective on the Universe New Scientist This is a valuable book for students before they go to university to read physics, or during the first year the book will also appeal to intelligent non physicists who wish to learn something about contemporary physics Times Higher Education Supplement This is the ideal supplement for courses emphasizing modern physics Part I covers special relativity and the meaning of time, Part II discusses quantum physics, Part III looks at elementary particles and force fields The three self contained parts can be used separately or in combination Familiarity with calculus and classical physics, while helpful, is not necessary as the pertinent ideas of these fields are introduced as needed.