I love this book I found it a Godsend when revising for my summer exams This book covers all aspects of the speech chain from the acoustic signal, to the neural pathways involved and the eventual production of speech It is accessible to the novice learner and is not a deep meaty book which often seems like a chore to read A bit old But still a good read and relevant 1963 The Speech Chain IPA Webster This book is fascinating If you ve ever had an interest in the way the body creates speech, on a physiological level, this book is for you It s short and sweet, but chock full of cool information You ll learn about the building blocks of speech phonemes , how the body creates them, and the neurological processes involved in creating and decoding speech patterns This book is seriously interesting if you re into highly technical reads.A word of warning This is not a casual reader for most people I bought it because a college class required it as the primary reading material If you re not somewhat familiar with the way sound works, or are unable or unwilling to research sound using some outside sources, you may be frustrated with this book But if you re willing to do the extra bit of work, this book is really, really cool. It is advertised as the second addition but I recieved the first addition Was very disappointed. Fantastic book, very good for understanding speech and how we receive it Even though it s an older book It is excellent. It was good as new I really like it There is highlighting and writing in it than I was expecting It will be fine, but it would have been nice to have a accurate description of the book s condition. For overyears, The Speech Chain has been regarded as the classic, easy to read introduction to the complexities of spoken communication The book has now been thoroughly revised and updated to give a state of the art description of each link in the speech chain from the speaker s production of words to the transmission of sound to the listener s perception It provides a foundation for understanding the essential aspects of linguistics, acoustics and anatomy, and explores recent research developments, such as the digital processing of speech and the use of computers for the generation of artificial speech and for speech recognition This interdisciplinary account should be accessible to persons with no previous exposure to the study of language My professor never assigned any readings from the book yet she still required her students to get it