The ultimate large size, full color encyclopedia Take a close up look at the rich variety of mushrooms and toadstools that populate the natural world, and their shapes, textures, tastes, and ecological preferences

8 thoughts on “The Encyclopedia of Fungi of Britain and Europe

  1. Alex Alex says:

    This book has lots of information and good photos, and this has help me to increase my knowledge of UK fungi this book sates common names and scientific names, which are interesting in their own right This book describes the different Structures of the fungi and Whether there poisonous or not but I would never use a id book alone to foraging mushrooms as human error can occur I would advise that you also accompany a specialist when foraging for mushrooms.

  2. D. Cheung D. Cheung says:

    If you re interested in the subject, it s one of the books to own This book shows full colour photos of actual specimens in the field, on in the places where they d normally be The photos also show the top, side and underneaths and in many cases, an uprooted specimen too Each is described by Size in cmCapGillsSporesStemOdourTasteChemical tests if anyOccurrance by season, e.g common in early springAnd if they re edible or not.

  3. J. Hudson J. Hudson says:

    By all means buy the Collins fungi guides and Roger Phillips mushrooms but those books leave you sifting through endless photos trying to match a fungus It can be enough to put a learner off This book is different it has a simple key to genera groups of fungi which gets you in the right place to start with and narrows your search down straight away Other field guides such as the new black Collins guide can then be used to confirm ID.As someone new to mycology I would NOT BE WITHOUT IT

  4. K.H.Fisher K.H.Fisher says:


  5. MacAvity MacAvity says:

    Mr Jordan s book is excellent value for money, with terse descriptions and clear photographs taken in situ under natural light My only criticism is the picture purporting to show Claviceps purpurea Fr Tul which, as far as I can see, only shows a sprig of rye The fungus isn t obvious at all I had to search on the Net to see that one up close.Otherwise I am delighted to have this volume in my collection and I reckon that you will be just as pleased to have it in yours Too big for taking on fungus hunts, but great for helping to identify specimens brought back home.Highly recommended.

  6. Argh, people! Argh, people! says:

    The book is extensive, and well written as well as beautifully laid out However the images are, at best, medium quality Clear enough to get an idea of the specimen but not to really see the details, many are grainy and look like smaller images that were enlarged.Mushrooms by Roger Phillips, which I ordered at the same time as this one, is significantly better.

  7. Teasleflower Teasleflower says:

    I am impressed with the description and detail of this book What I was disappointed about that many of the fungi are not given their local name so if you think the fungi you were looking at could have been Jews Ear and you looked that up in the index you wouldn t find it.

  8. Ratty. Ratty. says:

    This book is superb it is on a par with Roger Phillips s Mushrooms I have been studying Fungi for about 6 years and have amassed about 15 field guides in that time, most of which merely scratch the surface They describe so few of the4000 or so species an enthusiast might encounter so that rather than being helpful they often lead to a frustrating dead end I would recommend this book to anyone who is seriously interested in fungi, the photographs are the best I have seen for clarity and also include the surrounding habitat, they generally show a realistic representation of subtle colours and there is even a colour chart included in the 30 page informative introduction.