I couldn t put this book down when I read it for the first time Maybe because my brother just passed and coincidentally I found the book in a box packed by him some months before Maybe because I had a severe head injury as a teenager some 35 years ago and I realized I experienced some of the elements of NED Dr Moody described It is a book that can give a great hope to people who lost their loved ones and are not religious or to people who are going to be departing soon. I first bought this book in the 1970s when it was first published After purchasing the latest edition I can report that it has lost none of its original fascination and the accounts are just as valid and intriguing today as they were then After all, these experiences do not change with age, the fact that this book is just as valuable in the information it delivers as a new book written today, shows that these NDE experiences must have some legitimacy A great book. In this smash bestseller that has sold thanmillion copies around the world, Dr Moody reveals his ground breaking study of people who experienced clinical death and were revived Their amazing testimonies and surprising descriptions of death and beyond are so strikingly similar, so vivid and so overwhelmingly positive they have changed the way we view life and death, and the spiritual hereafter Introducing the revolutionary concepts of the NDE Near Death Experience , the bright light and the tunnel, Life After Life has shaped countless reader s notions about the meaning of the death and offered essential reassurance to anyone who has wondered what comes next The th anniversary edition of this seminal classic is revised with a new Foreword by Eben Alexander, author of Proof of Heaven and a new Afterword by the author Lovely book Helped me to cope with my Mum s passing and the grieving process X A fasinating book about a controversial topic I enjoyed reading it as I work with patients who tell me about their experiences following resuscitation. This is a very interesting book about NDEs but as it is aiming to be a proper scientific account, it comes across as curiously flat for such an amazing subject When the author recounts interviews verbatim, it is truly fascinating and heart warming but there is an awful lot of general summarising a lot of people said they experienced this, and 75% of people experienced that, and so forth However it gives a good general overview and the author is a medic who is trying to get other medics to look at NDEs as true experiences rather than side effects caused by brain damage or medication. Enjoyed reading this book Very interesting examples of near death experiences Provided some comfort in knowing that there is afterlife Thanks Such a fantastic book Very nicely he described the whole thing Do good Only this will remain as soon as we leave this body Rest of the things will be forgotten with the time It s an eye opening book for everyone Please read this. Even though this book was originally published around the late seventies of the last millennium it s become somewhat of a classic over time There are references of it in The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche and it is also a fascinating and deeply affective read for anyone who has been curious of the subject of the afterlife Life after Life is incredibly simple within it s boundaries and it s premise as the author Raymond Moody sets out different case studies in each chapter of various patients who have recalled proven descriptions of experiences from points where they were officially pronounced dead.It is a deeply fascinating book although it is relatively a short read but it s well worth obtaining if you are a person with an open mind and willing to let yourself become inspired by the experiences of some stunningly brave people. When the temporarily dead, come back preach the same accounts From a time before the internet Take heed.