Principles and Application of Radiological Physics 6E provides comprehensive and easy to follow coverage of the principles and application of physics for both diagnostic and therapeutic radiography students Regardless of changes in technology and clinical grading, the most important role of the radiographer remains unchanged ensuring the production of high quality images and optimal treatment These should be performed with the minimum of radiation hazard to patients, staff and others An understanding of physics and the basics of radiographic technology is essential to do this effectively The book covers all the physics and mathematics required by undergraduate diagnostic and therapeutic radiography students, catering for those who do not have a mathematics qualification as well as for those who doNEW TO THIS EDITIONA focus upon application of physics to reflect current teaching approaches Completely revised structure, leading from science principles to applications New chapters on CT, MRI, ultrasound, PET, RNI, mammography and digital imagingElectronic learning resources for students, hosted on EVOLVEStrong links between theory and practice throughout this clear and concise textFocus on application of physics, as well as principlesNew, updated 2 colour designNew Sections Equipment for X ray production, The Radiographic Image and Diagnostic Imaging TechnologiesElectronic learning resources for students support the textFocus on application of physics, as well as principles New, updated 2 colour design New Sections Equipment for X ray production, The Radiographic Image and Diagnostic Imaging Technologies Electronic learning resources for students support the text

5 thoughts on “Principles and Applications of Radiological Physics, 6e

  1. Mr. Jt Clulow Mr. Jt Clulow says:

    An easy to digest, informative book that provides an excellent level of knowledge of interactions that make radiology possible.I have referenced this book countless times, it is a must for radiographers and students

  2. Ali Ali says:

    Fairly prompt delivery, book looks new but didn t appear to be wrapped in the original wrapping looked like cheap plastic wrap and there was a bit of damage to the book Doesn t affect it though still an excellent book for student radiographers.

  3. Christopher Alvey Christopher Alvey says:

    We use this as core text for 1st year undergraduate student radiographers It is ok, covering pretty much everything you would expect It does have the typos mentioned in other reviews, and also there are further typos concerning the inverse square law, and the worked example is incorrect Other than that it is a reasonable resource For inquisitive students, I direct them to Bushberg Essential Physics of medical Imaging both 2nd and 3rd editions.

  4. les-sailor les-sailor says:

    Good basic start book for all aspects of the physics associated with radiological physics Covers the content for most first year radiography courses, with good explanation throughout May have the breadth but not the depth in some areas beyond first year.Note there is an error on p 138 publishers have been notified the summary table of the effects of radioactive decay regarding both Beta and Beta , in the comments section both first sentences are wrong The main text in the chapter is correct.

  5. Customer Customer says:

    Excellent book