This is the first book I ve read where I had to force myself to stop thinking about the author s name and specifically from asking myself if his middle name is To I bet he hasn t heard that one before to be able to concentrate on the subject It s the second book I ve read on gravity and gravitational waves in the last few weeks, and it didn t work for me as well as the Pierre Bin truy title Gravity In part it s down to A Zee s writing style, which is extremely mannered not to mention constantly referring to his other books , but the content also simply didn t put the information across very well.Things start in a promising way despite the style The first lines of the prologue give a suitable feel Finally, finally, the long wait was over we the human race on planet earth collective heard the song of the universe Yes, we, a rather malevolent but somewhat clever species, can now proudly say we have detected the ripples of spacetime i.e gravitational waves Sometimes the wording is a little odd, and the tone can be irritatingly breezy, but what we get to begin with is exactly what we are promised an introduction to gravity that is not too technical, but above the trivial level Admittedly, the use of end notes for what should be footnotes usefully expanding on a point rather than providing reference information is irritating as you either painfully flick back and forth or likely simply miss some of the best content, but things are going quite well.However, a couple of chapters in, Zee falls for the classic error of a scientist writing for the general public especially common when they re writing for a university press Probably without even noticing that he s done it, he changes gear and suddenly we ve gone from popular science to the level of accessibility of an introductory textbook though still with the same odd tone This means that much of the material on electromagnetism, relativity and becomes increasingly impenetrable as you read on.What is particularly sad is that the transition happens before Zee gets on to the principle of least time action and action in general He covers this at considerable length pointing out, for example, that it makes Einstein s field equations for general relativity in some ways a simpler concept and that is brilliant This is by far the most interesting and original part of the book as far as a general audience goes, because it s something that is usually only touched on often in reference to Richard Feynman , but unfortunately it is virtually incomprehensible in the way it s put across.Overall, then, a strange book that seems sadly to be poorly matched to its audience. I am an engineer and material scientist who wished he would ve studied physics I was afraid to find myself reading yet another popular culture physics book for the non science individual It is not It s a great read for those with some scientific background For the skeptic fellow engineer Yes, it will engage your brain and you will learn along the way This book takes its place on my top 5 best lifetime reads It was truly delightful reading experience I plan on reading titles from Mr Zee. excellent experience I have several of Professor Zee s textbooks and have read his book on symmetry as well In the introduction it claims that this book fills a gap between technical books like his Einstein Gravity in a Nutshell and the rest of the popular physics for general audience books I disagree, this book does not provide a bridge to technical literature, it is very light reading and can be finished in an afternoon if not less There are a few equations here and there and they seem to be cut and pasted, along with commentary from the author s other textbooks.I found the book overall disappointing and uninformative given a background of having read popular science and started studying introductory relativity books There are definitely some concepts in general relativity which are tough and i was hoping for some insight of a conversational nature like the author s approach in his textbooks that might fill some gaps The book is definitely conversational but the content is very light I don t believe the writing for the non scientist is as clear as other popular science books and the academic side of this book is non existent in my mind I think the writing is clear enough but I don t see this book as fulfilling the author s goals, which is why i bought it As a first introduction to popular science discussion of gravity it is fine, but was not the intention to my understanding. Only the appendix had a short math overview of the simplest part of the subject and that was too fast, and short Expected a math related approach but instead, a boring talk on the details of general rel really, who cares General relativity without math is like going to the dentist to get a tooth without a cavity drilled just so one can have the fun of doing it. Zee confirms himself as an important researcher about quantum physics, because he is always interesting when he talks about the actual phenomena They in fact are the Einstein model of relativity, but also the Heisenberg principle and the black holes in according with the theory of Penrose Hawkings The style is very clear and the book can be read speedly, preserving a sure respect of the reality of the theoretical aspects. Very well written book Not too technical, and not too trivial. A brief introduction to gravity through Einstein s general theory of relativity Of the four fundamental forces of nature, gravity might be the least understood and yet the one with which we are most intimate From the months each of us spent suspended in the womb anticipating birth to the moments when we wait for sleep to transport us to other realities, we are always aware of gravity In On Gravity, physicist A Zee combines profound depth with incisive accessibility to take us on an original and compelling tour of Einstein s general theory of relativity Inspired by Einstein s audacious suggestion that spacetime could ripple, Zee begins with the stunning discovery of gravity waves He goes on to explain how gravity can be understood in comparison to other classical field theories, presents the idea of curved spacetime and the action principle, and explores cutting edge topics, including black holes and Hawking radiation Zee travels as far as the theory reaches, leaving us with tantalizing hints of the utterly unknown, from the intransigence of quantum gravity to the mysteries of dark matter and energy Concise and precise, and infused with Zee s signature warmth and freshness of style, On Gravity opens a unique pathway to comprehending relativity and gaining deep insight into gravity, spacetime, and the workings of the universe This is a great book by doctor Zee I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, which is both entertaining, accurate and full of deep insights some of which might surprise even professional physicists. I am just starting to read about general relativity This book is at just the right level for me.