Since I read Anam Cara, I cannot get enough of this author His writing just draws you in This book is no exception I have read a lot of books on psychology, philosophy and spirituality this is the wisest writing I have ever had the privilege of reading. I discovered Eternal Echoes quite by accident, somehow the author, John O Donohue has the magic to draw you into his writing and you have to read A lovely book,one you can dip into and always find something to inspire, comfort or, indeed, make you think.It is so sad that John died so tragically young, yet, his writings will live on for, like the title, Eternal Echoes, Exploring our hunger to belong the love and depth in these words will return to you just when you need them most Thank you Wife likes it. Thank you to O Donohue for such a wonderful experience.His book has made me lighter, compassionate to those around me, willing to listen to others points of view with a real open mind and readiness to agree easily, less anxious and less aggressive in responding to questions from others in control of my being and purposeful in personal encounters with othersAs a Moslem, I was happy to read, agree and smile to every single point made in the book It was a real pleasure and privilege to have found it and read it I buy and read a lot of books but I do not comment on many of them, but in this case, I would have to say that this is a book that is well worth your time to explore it I have already bought at least ten copies of it to be distributed to family and friends For me, it captures the correct spirit of how humanity should exist on this earth It preaches the universal Truth and makes one feel good about going through all the experiences of life, whether good, happy, bad or hurtful Whatever one s experiences, if one has a purpose for one s given life, then one will always find a peaceful and contented existence and this book explains this point most clearly Thank you again There is a divine restlessness in the human heart today, an eternal echo of longing that lives deep within us and never lets us settle for what we have or where we are Now, in this exquisitely crafted, inspirational book, John O Donohue explores that most basic of human desires the desire to belong It is a desire that constantly draws us towards new possibilities of self discovery, friendship and creativity In Eternal Echoes John O Donohue embarks upon a journey of discovery into the heart of our post modern world a hungry, homeless world that suffers from a deep sense of isolation and fragmentation With the thousand year old shelter of divine belonging now shattered, we seem to have lost our way in this magical, wondrous universe Here, as we explore perennial themes and gain insight from a range of ancient beliefs, we draw inspiration from Ireland s rich spiritual heritage of Celtic thought and imagination It is a heritage of profound, mystical wisdom that will open pathways to peace and contentment, and lead us to live with creativity, honour and compassion the one life that has been given to usDestined to become a timeless classic of vision and hope, this is an imaginative tour de force by one of today s most inspirational writers