A thoughtful meditation on the mythic, cultural, philosophical and, yes, scientific implications of what happens when a wet potato or a crystal vase slips from your hand Billy Collins A mind bending exploration of gravity, the universe s greatest mystery What is gravity Nobody knows and just about nobody knows that nobody knows How something so pervasive can also be so mysterious, and how that mystery can be so wholly unrecognized outside the field of physics, is one of the greatest conundrums in modern science But as award winning author Richard Panek shows in this groundbreaking book, gravity is a cold case that we are closer to cracking than ever and whose very investigation has yielded untold truths about the cosmos and humanity itself Part scientific detective story, part metaphysical romp, The Trouble with Gravity is a revelation the first in depth, accessible study of this ubiquitous, elusive force Gravity and our efforts to understand it, Panek reveals, have shaped not only the world we inhabit, but also our bodies, minds, and culture Its influence can be seen in everything from ancient fables to modern furniture, Dante s Inferno to the pratfalls of Laurel and Hardy, bipedalism to black holes As we approach the truth about gravity, we should also be prepared to know both our universe and ourselves as never before