In The Quantum Theory of Fields, Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg combines his exceptional physical insight with his gift for clear exposition to provide a self contained, comprehensive, and up to date introduction to quantum field theory This is a two volume work Volume I introduces the foundations of quantum field theory The development is fresh and logical throughout, with each step carefully motivated by what has gone before, and emphasizing the reasons why such a theory should describe nature After a brief historical outline, the book begins anew with the principles about which we are most certain, relativity and quantum mechanics, and the properties of particles that follow from these principles Quantum field theory emerges from this as a natural consequence The author presents the classic calculations of quantum electrodynamics in a thoroughly modern way, showing the use of path integrals and dimensional regularization His account of renormalization theory reflects the changes in our view of quantum field theory since the advent of effective field theories The book s scope extends beyond quantum electrodynamics to elementary particle physics, and nuclear physics It contains much original material, and is peppered with examples and insights drawn from the author s experience as a leader of elementary particle research Problems are included at the end of each chapter This work will be an invaluable reference for all physicists and mathematicians who use quantum field theory, and it is also appropriate as a textbook for graduate students in this area

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