Three class books covering Key Stagebiology, chemistry and physics as separate subjects companion teacher file CD ROMs containing lesson plans and resource sheets as printable pdfs Just one of the resources available for Spectrum Separate Science It introduces the key words and concepts that pupils need in a modern, fun and clear way The Physics units of the QCA Scheme of Work are covered, along with part of Scientific Investigations, as advised by the Framework Questions are included throughout each chapter to check understanding and to build thinking skills The practical activities, discussions, starters and homework that you will need to build on this core content are contained on the Physics Teacher CD ROM Support is provided by the extensive guidance notes in the teacher material A good book for foundation students in KS3, however, I would advise higher student people to buy other books such as Scientifica and the spotlight series they are good This is very good for an overview for what is in Ks3 science and well worth a read through However, it is not as detailed as some other books.Hope that helps xx it helps Perfect for KS3 yr7