Outstanding text, oriented toward computer solutions, stresses errors in methods and computational efficiency Problems some strictly mathematical, others requiring a computer appear at the end of each chapter

7 thoughts on “A First Course in Numerical Analysis

  1. Gareth Greenwood Gareth Greenwood says:

    This book is a serious contender for the title of Best single volume introduction to numerical analysis in English The coverage is wide, though now dated in places The exposition is commendably rigorous without being overbearingly so The examples are well chosen and the illustrations well presented Some of the notation is a little idiosyncratic, but never to the point of obscurity It is not exactly easy going but good NA texts rarely are If you are serious about learning NA from first principles, you won t go far wrong with this text.

  2. Festus Festus says:

    Der Versand aus den USA klappte problemlos.Das Buch ist in dem angegebenen guten Zustand.Dieses Standardwerk ist auf Grund seinerKonzeption immer noch aktuell.Es ist mehr als nur ein Rezeptbuch.Es f hrt in die zum Verstehen der mathematischenVerfahren notwendige Denkweise ein.

  3. Casan Casan says:

    I always enjoyed numerical analysis, a book on finding solutions where you have to use various estimation algorithms They are not closed form, so you always have to decide on how much error you can tolerate If you work on space travel, well

  4. Tomas Spyker Tomas Spyker says:

    Helpful and easy to follow.

  5. James T. Kirk James T. Kirk says:

    This is the Bible of Numerical Analysis and ,as The Bible, it never gets obsolete.You can return to it, read it again and you will learn something new.Very comprehensive, deep and mathematically rigorous.

  6. Mr. I. Bhattacharjee Mr. I. Bhattacharjee says:

    Last time i get a dover book to understand something from basicsthe book is not for someone who wants to understand basics of numerical analysis

  7. Reviewer321 Reviewer321 says:

    great book, great seller