Thorough coverage of theory and applications of optics examines optical glass, light, elements of mirrors, prisms and lenses, construction of instruments, maintenance and Discussions include ship telescopes and spyglasses, boresight telescopes, fixed prism gunsight telescopes, magnetic compasses, and many other subjects Extensive appendixes include a glossary, symbols, and formulas

4 thoughts on “Basic Optics and Optical Instruments: Revised Edition

  1. Dave B. Dave B. says:

    The book contained the info i was looking for There is great maths detail in most of the content, also helpful.

  2. Mauro Mauro says:

    nella ristampa mancano quattro pagine Piu precisamente 6 16, 6 17, 8 8, 8 9Ora che lo sapete, a voi la scelta se comprarlo o meno.

  3. Pedro P. Pedro P. says:

    Great simple explanation of light and basic optical instruments Good for someone that wants to know how scopes work, not someone going for a Phd in physics.The only reason I gave 4 stars is that book is written as a US Navy course, so there is much talk of the navy and naval instruments that many people will find no use for.

  4. RAB RAB says:

    Lots of information, fun for the collector of war surplus binoculars and telescopes Can t beat the price, and hard to find much of this anywhere else.