A highly engaging study of mirages, illusions of multiple moons, the fata morgana, colored shadows and scores of other phenomena in a book praised by Science and Math Weekly as a great depository of projects, science fair ventures, experiments, and always pure pleasureillustrations A bit dated, but still a classic If you are ok with math, you will appreciate this book even. I subtract one star for the relatively low printing quality that must be a disappointment for everyone who orders the book with pleasant anticipation for the beautiful drawings The work of Marcel Minnaert itself is worth 5 stars Ottimo testo di effetti ottici in atmosfera Da acquistare per capire cosa pu accadere alla luce nelle varie condizioni in cui si pu trovare l atmosfera The technical content of this Dover reproduction is extensive, with enough equations to satisfy any student of optical physics, but the book is entirely monochrome Really Dover A book on light and color that s contains nothing but poorly reproduced grey scale versions of the original color illustrations Save your money and try to find an original copy at a library that has color plates. If you have a working knowledge of physics, optics, or other mathematical approach to natural phenomena this book will be right up your alley my background was not quite up to the challenge I enjoyed it but the mathematical formulas were over my head Certainly a very knowledgeable author Diagrams line drawings.Not quite what I was looking for as a painter. M Minneart s book on light and colors in nature is a real treat The only thing keeping me from giving this a 5 star rating is that all of the pictures are in black and white But, if you have ever wondered about the many optical illusions and visual distortions you see when looking around you, this book will bring you a lot of surprising insights as to how these illusions are created Great for the technically minded readers. This was listed under light and color for kids I downloaded it for my daughter s science project She is 8 She read it and came asking questions about what the words meant I sat down and read a chapter, it is very hard to follow and understand even for me This would be great for a high school gt student learning about advanced material. This book explains every possible natural phenomena involving the light, that can be seen with the naked eye, with a lot of details and some simple mathematical models In addition to the classical phenomena like rainbows, I discovered many less known effects, like for example the Herschel paradox about the luminance of distant extended objects or the different cases of reflection on rippling water surface. The pictures in the hardback edition in the Outdoors are well worth the acquisition.