Perfect as a simple, quick reference book for those new to Anatomy It gives an adequate description of the body parts and I find it useful to have in the home. Book arrived in used condition but absolutely stank of cigarettes it is currently in the freezer as apparently that is how to get rid of the smell from books A basic anatomy and physiology textbook which is easy to read Highly illustrated withcolour text boxes and illustrations throughout In addition to covering the normal anatomy and physiology each chapter ends with a brief section on disease which explains what happens when the normal becomes abnormal The text provides the essential foundations of understanding for all students studying on health related courses Perfect for medical students Detailed and easy to follow. Lots of lovely pictures and diagrams and explanations in relatively easy to understand terms Great for building up your knowledge on the subject, and if you re like me and learn through diagrams, there s plenty of them in there Great value for money too. This book came with an old Christmas card and someone s notes on abbreviations inside Pages are worn than was listed with corners folded down but the most upsetting thing is the fact that some contents are highlighted marked Not very good when I intend to use this for my own study purposes and the ad specifically said book was unmarked Disappointing. I started using this book 2 weeks ago to get a head start on the uni course I am beginning in May So far I have found it to be very useful It is divided into separate sections each of which have an explanation of what you should have learnt by the end of them The language used is scientific without being mind boggling and the diagrams are clear and conscise I would recommend this book. It was in very good condition, Great read Great for understanding anatomy and physiology as a student or newly qualified nurse.