good product no problems Good book but the pricing is just stupid , had to buy this for my course so had to put up with the cost Overall the book itself is very informative and offers alot of extra help such as the cd that I have yet to use Not happy about lack of chapter answers Good product Good, got me through AS physics Good condition book, good seller, good price Seeing as I m at Uni a few years later now, it certainly helped me. This textbook is not helpful at all, some of the things written in it are even wrong It doesn t give the definitions needed in the OCR exam and doesn t agree with the OCR marking scheme I am halfway through AS level physics and my teacher has openly admitted that the textbook won t help me improve my grade so I now have to purchase another textbook Very disappointed. Heinemann is working exclusively with OCR to produce an exciting suite of resources tailored to the new OCR GCE Physics A specification Written by experienced examiners, these resources include student and teacher materials to support first teaching in September , with a real focus on helping students to achieve their potential in exams The Student Book offers accessible and engaging material, and focus on the integration of How Science Works to help students understand the underlying principles of science through handling calculations, explaining key equations, practice questions and examples Student friendly support is offered in the unique Exam Caf CD ROM FREE in the back of every book Packed with worked examples, exam style questions, hints and tips Exam Caf is where students will find a motivating way to thoroughly prepare for their exams The comprehensive approach of this Student Books gives students the tools they need to succeed