Good condition book, good seller, good price Seeing as I m at Uni a few years later now, it certainly helped me. Best revision booklet to date Liked the worked examples makes it easier to teach This is a revision guide so it is very brief on all topics with only the basics and not always all the information that is needed A good starting point for revision though, every chapter is included with some useful general information at the beginning of the book. Fantastic, a must for any physics student though I would couple it with the CGP book as it has better explaining. Revise AS Physics for OCR A my students liked it than I did, but it certainly seemed to help motivate ones who were becoming a bit disheartened this book was an invaluable source of revision for as and a2 exams, clear and concise Fantastic guide for AS physics students Accompanies the main text book really well with lots of useful recaps and exam style questions Good value for money, found this book helpful than any other.