Edexcel and A Level Modular MathematicsM features Student friendly worked examples and solutions, leading up to a wealth of practice questions Sample exam papers for thorough exam preparation Regular review sections consolidate learning Opportunities for stretch and challenge presented throughout the course Escalator section to step up from GCSE PLUS Free LiveText CD ROM, containing Solutionbank and Exam Caf to support, motivate and inspire students to reach their potential for exam success Solutionbank contains fully worked solutions with hints and tips for every question in the Student Books Exam Caf includes a revision planner and checklist as well as a fully worked examination style paper with examiner commentary

9 thoughts on “Edexcel AS and A Level Modular Mathematics - Mechanics 1

  1. Hashbrown Hashbrown says:

    Bought this almost four years ago to help me get to grips with M1 during my first year of sixth form, for the Summer 2013 M1 examination wow how time flies.I cannot recommend this book enough When we were first being taught M1, I was without a doubt the slowest in my class, and had absolutely no clue as to what was going on I went as far as hating Mechanics and believing this to be a module I will never be comfortable with My teacher didn t help me understand it any better either I then bought this book, put my head down, and day after day over 1 2 months I worked through all the examples and exercises in this book.My method of working through this book is to complete one section per day e.g section 2.1 chapter 2, section 1 Looking through this book now, there are 27 such sections, hence you could realistically prepare yourself for the exam in as little as 27 days sooner if you do than one section a day, which is by no means impossible When I say complete a section I mean the following 1 Make notes on the information preceding the examples basics required to do questions, requiring only a few minutes to learn 2 Work through the following examples whilst covering the solution, then comparing your method answer to the solution3 The solution is explicitly detailed to help you understand the steps so you should now have a solid foundation to complete that section s exercise e.g Section 2.1 will contain Exercise 2A, Section 2.2 will contain Exercise 2B etc Once all the sections are completed, push and prep yourself further by completing the mixed exercises, and online papers including Solomon and Edexcel papers You will then be on route to achieving 90 in the exam.Using the above described method, Mechanics turned from being my most hated module to my most loved So much so that I achieved 100% in both the M1 and M2 exams without resits, and I am now studying Mechanical Engineering at university by no means am I intending to sound vain, I am simply trying to show that the above method works for anyone, and can go a long way Please comment if you have any questions Best of luck with your studies

  2. Rae Rae says:

    Although not a fan of mechanicals maths and always finding it difficult this book is good for revision and for in class practice Tells you exactly how to do it Good methodological steps that anyone can follow.

  3. Geokinkladze Geokinkladze says:

    A good source for questions as long as you either a Are already familiar with the content or b Have another study guideIt claims the CD has solutions to all questions in the book I only referred to it on one occasion for the solution to 6 F Q12 a which appeared to be wrong in the book The CD does not contain any solutions to any questions in 6 F at all I finally confirmed the solution to 6 F Q12 a was wrong The speed of particle A is not 121 metres per second but the square root of 121 25 12.08 metres per second 2dp.

  4. Readie Readie says:

    I took A level maths fifteen years ago and have now repeated the course as a mature student This series proved an excellent resource to self teach, leaving me able to answer all past paper questions and tackle the actual exams with total confidence The accompanying CD s, which have worked through answers to all the questions, are an invaluable addition There are the very occasional wrong answers printed in the textbook although these can be easily identified through the workings.Whilst I did use other books for some modules, I found that they offered very little, if anything, over this series in terms of the A level course What this series does not do is stray from the A level syllabus, and consequently the context of questions could prove somewhat limited for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of pre university maths However, the absolute focus on the syllabus is ideal for those seeking no than to pass A level exams.I found the high standard of the material to be consistent throughout the books for C1 to C4 plus M1 and M2.

  5. Moira Moira says:

    I bought this book because I am teaching A level Physics and I do not like the Physics books They only have very difficult questions, with no answers, so the students have no easy start into mechanics But the Mechanics 1 book is done in a way to build up the students confidence My students are doing well and we all hope for good grades Thank you for very fast delivery and in perfect conditions.

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    Useful for my tutoring repertoire

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  8. Mark Mark says:

    One of the best accompanying texts on the subject.

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