A compendium of odd facts, stories, photographs, and images includes such tidbits as the fact that Pope Leo XIII advertised cocaine laced wine in the s

12 thoughts on “An Underground Education: The Unauthorized and Outrageous Supplement to Everything You Thought You Knew About Art, Sex, Business, Crime, Science, Medicine, and Other Filds of h

  1. Richard Low Richard Low says:

    a bit dated but interesting read.

  2. Nicola Nicola says:

    Fun and shocking

  3. harriet harriet says:

    great conversation started, lots of awesome facts i didn t know until buying this book great price too

  4. Inspectatron Inspectatron says:

    A bit heavy in places, not a book that encourages you to read it from cover to cover.

  5. M A Hauser M A Hauser says:

    Stunning book and must have.

  6. andrew quayle andrew quayle says:

    very poor condition some pages had big chunks ripped out not happy with purchase at all

  7. Andre K. Andre K. says:

    Great compilation of information that is not normally taught in schools The history buffs will appreciate the content of An Underground Education.

  8. Casey L Casey L says:

    Awesome buy it

  9. Ryan Fuoco Ryan Fuoco says:

    Ordered it used, but still came in great condition Quite an interesting book and would highly recommend if you have the time.

  10. Mary-Jane Pritchard Mary-Jane Pritchard says:

    This book is hilarious as it is disturbing.

  11. Sara Cole Sara Cole says:

    My sister had this book earlier I read it, then we got rid of it I wanted to own it again Some parts not for the squeamish.

  12. fayefujiko fayefujiko says:

    Real history presented in bite sized gems All the fun that mainstream history conveniently ignores People have had to deal with the same things sex, death, bad medicine, political corruption, etc etc regardless of time and place And a great bibliography provides a source of even fun.