Harness your inner stength, confidence and stability with the essential guide from renowned hypnotherapist, host of The Calmer You podcast and bestselling author ofThe Anxiety SolutionIt s time to be the happiest, most confident and content version of yourself The only way to improve our confidence in any area of life is by pushing through our comfort zone This straightforward guide will show you how Evening Standard, Books to Read for Better Mental HealthConfidence is not something we either have or don t have it can be built, and this straightforward guide will show you howRenowned clinical hypnotherapist and anxiety expert Chloe Brotheridge has helped hundreds of clients with anxiety and low self confidence, and in this book will use her own stories, scientific research, and the experiences of other women to show you how to Feel confident Spend less time worrying and people pleasing Build self belief Reach your full potential Assertively set boundaries for a happier, healthier youBrave New Girl reveals how everyone can follow their path to confidence A straightforward guide she uses her own stories, scientific research and the experiences of other women to show her readers how to feel confident StylistAs seen in The Guardian, Mirror and Daily ExpressPraise for The Anxiety Solution Remarkable, pioneering, could change your life Daily Mail

11 thoughts on “Brave New Girl: Seven Steps to Confidence

  1. KAllan KAllan says:

    When I heard Chloe was releasing another book, I couldn t wait to receive my copy.I have followed Chloe on social media, and listened to her amazing podcast Calmer you, which I have picked up so many tips from and such a variety of topics discussed.Reading Brave New Girl, I could relate to everything, and felt as though Chloe had access to my brain and seen all my doubts and issues I have with myself I love the way she explains and gives you an exercise to do, which really helps you understand.Now that I ve read the book, I will go back through my notes I have taken and start to implement these changes to my life.Thank you Chloe

  2. Ms Sonia C Brown Ms Sonia C Brown says:

    Love this book so much This book is for you if you have ever held yourself back It gives very practical advice and exercises to help you grow The super talented Chloe makes you realise that you can over come what s holding you back whether that s being a perfectionist, a fear of failure or being a people pleaser This is a book you won t want to put down And also a guide to come back to when those annoying voices of self doubt re emerge I just wish I had been able to read this book 10 years ago

  3. Emma K Emma K says:

    I feel so refreshed after reading Brave New Girl it was by far one of my favourite self help books and I absolutely loved every page of it Chloe has such friendly, relatable and supportive tone with her writing and it s very easy to read There are lots of useful activities tasks to complete so that you can actually put her advice into practice I work in HR and have recommended it to some of my colleagues who struggle with confidence, as well as some of my friends It truly is a fantastic read and I thoroughly recommend it.

  4. Alyson A Alyson A says:

    Chloe is truly inspirational in her writing as it comes from a genuinely authentic place having suffered from anxiety and lack of self belief herself Her guidance is practical easy to work with and so very helpful Brave new girl enables you to succeed and empowers you to fulfil your potential It tackles the emotions head on and provides a warm supportive hand to guide you to change unhelpful behaviour It s a must read for anyone needing to boost their confidence and become a happier person

  5. MA9722 MA9722 says:

    This second book of Chloe Brotheridge is a must have It is easy to read with small chapters and everyday language It is not one of those self development books in which you have to read one sentence 4 times to understand what it actually says It is very informative and has helped me with everyday life struggles Eventhough it might look like this book is mainly written for ladies, I think everyone would benefit from it as a lot of the topics talked about is very relatable and it gives you that push you need in order to get that self confidence that helps you furhter in life Thanks for another great book Chloe

  6. Rhea Freeman Rhea Freeman says:

    An absolutely brilliant book that is relatable on every level and makes a lot of the things we feel and think a lot understandable and makes us realise we aren t alone in this either I d recommend it to every woman.

  7. Miss E. Miss E. says:

    I have read the anxiety solution and seen Chloe had brought out another book brave girl which I preordered and it s really good I m only half way through

  8. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I had this book finished in 3 days I could not put it down Full of useful exercises to do I read Chloe s the anxiety solution and had to get this also Really worth the read If you follow Chloe on Instagram you can see that she is just a genuine woman trying to help people and this also comes across in her book Waiting for the next one

  9. Danya Davidson Danya Davidson says:

    Easy to read and understand.

  10. Franchino Franchino says:

    Nice book

  11. Petra Petra says:

    Excellent book full of practical advices Chloe is wonderfull person, master on a filed of anxiety issues and self confidence.