This is a terrific book, obviously written by someone who knows and is passionate about his subject I only knew what a lot of people know when I started, Einstein was THE genius, E Mc2 and a vague idea that if I could take a rocket at the speed of light and fly out into space for a couple of years and back to earth then Earth would have aged several hundred years.Obviously I knew he didn t just wake up and go ah ha relativity, of course with a slap to his head but I didn t have any idea how long it took him or how many other people were involved I was also unaware that he did a lot of the work while WWI was going on which made things difficult to say the least I thought I knew a fair bit about WWI but I learnt a lot from this book.I would highly recommend this book to anybody with even a slight interest in Einstein.When I bought it I didn t expect it to be a page turner but the writing makes it one, I was sorry when I finished it. How international science triumphed during WWI to create a scientific revolutionIn , Arthur Eddington, a war weary British astronomer, opened a letter written by an obscure German professor named Einstein The neatly printed equations on the scrap of paper outlined his world changing theory of general relativity, the first complete revision of our conception of the universe since Isaac Newton Until then, Einstein s masterpiece of time and space had been trapped behind the physical and ideological lines of battle, unknown Many Britons were rejecting anything German, but Eddington realized the importance of the letter perhaps Einstein s esoteric theory could not only change the foundations of science but also lead to international co operation in a time of brutal warFew recognize how the Great War, the industrialized slaughter that bled Europe fromto , shaped Einstein s life and work While Einstein never held a rifle, he formulated general relativity blockaded in Berlin, literally starving His name is now synonymous with genius , but it was not an easy roadEinstein spent a decade creating relativity and his ascent to global celebrity owed much to against the odds international collaboration, including Eddington s globe spanning expedition oftwo years before they finally met to catch a fleeting solar eclipse for a rare opportunity to confirm Einstein s bold prediction that light has weightWe usually think of scientific discovery as a flash of individual inspiration, but here we see it is the result of hard work, gambles and wrong turns Einstein s War is a celebration of what science can offer when bigotry and nationalism are defeated Using previously unknown sources and written like a thriller, it shows relativity being built brick by brick in front of us, as it happenedyears ago This is a gripping book on the journey that Einstein took in the process of bringing the General theory of Relativity to the world This book talks about his personal beliefs of pacifism along with life circumstances and society that came in the way of a great genius.The other part is how two greats Scientists from two enemy nations in the middle of war collaborated to bring the Theory Of Relativity to the world.It is a must read for all scientists and Technologists, but especially the young ones to show that the Road less travelled makes all the difference. A very detailed, well researched and thought provoking effort by Mr Stanley He has delved deep into the science, history, personalities, and struggles of that time And done it in a text that is easy to understand for readers who are not physicists My thanks to the author for this excellent work. Bought it as a history book, learned a lot about physics along the way Great.