This book presents a biography of Abdus Salam, the first Muslim to win a Nobel Prize for Science Physics, who was nevertheless excommunicated and branded as a heretic in his own country His achievements are often overlooked, even besmirched Realizing that the whole world had to be his stage, he pioneered the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, a vital focus of Third World science which remains as his monument A staunch Muslim, he was ashamed of the decline of science in the heritage of Islam, and struggled doggedly to restore it to its former glory Undermined by his excommunication, these valiant efforts were doomed

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    Good to have a book about Dr Salam, we need books about him Good read, I enjoyed reading it I recommend it.

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    Good condition, Very good service Book has a lot information than I expected and enjoyed reading it.

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    Amazing read

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    Excellent biography

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    Cosmic Anger is a unexpected title for a biography of Abdus Salam, who was always the gentleman and rarely heard to voice an angry word The phrase refers to his controlled fury about the injustices of a world where lack of opportunity can handicap even the most gifted students and his indignation at the decline of science in the heritage of Islam.Gordon Fraser has written a wonderful, meticulously researched, account of Salam s struggles to combat these travesties of justice and of his lifelong quest to grasp the workings of the universe through theoretical physics.In particular, Fraser tells the tragic story of how Salam was vilified in his home country of Pakistan and shunned by mainstream Muslims because he belonged to the Ahmadi sect Vivid dreams are considered by Ahmadis to convey important messages, and there are numerous references in the book to dreams and prophesies of Salam s future prowess and fame by Imams or family members Fraser treats all these with a sympathy that might surprise some secular readers.Those who knew Salam will testify to the likeness of the man that Fraser draws those who didn t will be spellbound by the portrait Both will gain deeper insights from this brilliant attempt to fathom Salam s enigmatic genius.

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    This is a beautiful book the binding, fonts, content everything is excellent The only thing which I didn t like is the amount of Muslim history the author covers in this book Instead of this, I wish author could have covered Salam s personal life in detail..

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    Good book

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    Abdus Salam was one of the most important physicists of the latter half of the twentieth century and the story of his journey from a poor village in the Punjab to the Nobel Prize would be fascinating and remarkable in its own right But Salam was also a devout Muslim and pursued his devotion to his religion and its culture, especially its scientific heritage, with an equal passion.This delightfully crafted work explores both sides of Salam s life discussing not only his most obvious achievement in formulating the most successful theory of modern physics but also his tireless support of scientific education in the third world Mr Fraser discusses science, politics and history with equal effectiveness I earned my Ph.D under Salam but still learned a great deal about him from this book both about his private life and his relations with his scientific colleagues.This book will have immense appeal to any intelligent reader Heartily recommended.

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    It is a beautifully written book and the author despite being a physicist himself make it a very readable book to a non sciece person also Dr Salam s very tried to read the mind of God What a remarkable man he was

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    As a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community I take pride in Dr Abdus Salam being one of us As a Pakistani I am saddened to see the work of this great man ignored simply because of his religious affiliation Few Pakistanis have exhibited such pride as he has in their country.a turban in Stockholm is a testament to it A brilliant and interesting read for those of us who have come to know him from our community.My sister decided to do a project on famous Pakistanis in high school and had written to Dr Abdus Salam He was nice enough to reply back and send her books that he had written.We need like him.