Review from previous edition This is a great time to have published a fresh new undergraduate text on relativity and cosmologythis is an excellent textbook which this reviewer would rate as the text of choice for a course on relativity and cosmology aimed at physics and astronomy undergraduates American Journal of PhysicsEinstein s general theory of relativity is introduced in this advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate level textbook Topics include special relativity, in the formalism of Minkowski s four dimensional space time, the principle of equivalence, Riemannian geometry and tensor analysis, Einstein field equation, as well as many modern cosmological subjects, from primordial inflation and cosmic microwave anisotropy to the dark energy that propels an accelerating universe The author presents the subject with an emphasis on physical examples and simple applications without the full tensor apparatus The reader first learns how to describe curved spacetime At this mathematicallyaccessible level, the reader can already study the many interesting phenomena such as gravitational lensing, precession of Mercury s perihelion, black holes, and cosmology The full tensor formulation is presented later, when the Einstein equation is solved for a few symmetric cases Many modern topics in cosmology are discussed in this book from inflation, cosmic microwave anisotropy to the dark energy that propels an accelerating universe Mathematical accessibility, together with the various pedagogical devices eg worked out solutions of chapter end problems , make it practical for interested readers to use the book to study general relativity and cosmology on their own

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