Complete Physics contains all the essential topics required to study physics as part of a general science course, and is ideal for students intending to take physics at a advanced level Includes additional material on measurement, experimentation, investigation and the history of key ideas

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  1. Customer Customer says:

    I myself am at an undergraduate level in physics, but I like to review the gcse a level basics from time to time I found complete physics to be by far and away the best gcse level text I have seen I won t give a subject by subject analysis, suffice to say that the basics are thoroughly covered and that plenty of questions are presented to check your understanding What was pleasant was the way the questions were challenging and not overly dumbed down, and that each section was explained fully and concisely, not the standard couple of paragraphs followed by questions which you would need prior knowledge to answer, or page after page of redundant detail I know that this is out of date if you need the current syllabus, but if you really need to learn physics, it s a pretty good place to start.

  2. Attila Attila says:

    exactly as I ordered loads of nice basics and easy to follow to get you started

  3. Tony Tony says:

    No better text currently on the market than this.Clear, complete, excellent Goes into proper depth for A grade, other books in many cases do not.This is a proper book not a revision guide.

  4. JimW JimW says:

    An easy read Ideal for elderly who wish to be reminded of what they have forgotten Clear and concise diagrams

  5. Anthony Sammut Anthony Sammut says:


  6. Richard Brown Richard Brown says:

    I have come across three basic erors, already, including getting the weightb of the electron wrong.

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