Introducing Mechanics has been written to cover all the Mechanics requirements for single subject A Level Through the nature of its style and contents it is ideal for both A and AS Level Mechanics Key Points Clear text and style Includes worked examples so that students can work alone Exercises and examination questions

5 thoughts on “Introducing Mechanics

  1. Maths lover Maths lover says:

    Having found that there is no official book for the AQA M3 SPEC from 2006, and the textbook for the old M3 syllabus had hardly anything which is in the new spec, I decided the buy this book based on a recommendation from others who have done M3 I have not been disappointing, it covers everything from M1 M3 The examples are very clear and and there are lots of questions Really good textbook.

  2. James Wright James Wright says:

    Good for M1 M2 and bits and pieces of the further mechanics modules.

  3. Dominic Peter Gecas Dominic Peter Gecas says:

    A Great Book For Further Reading on Your A Level Mechanics Units Whether M1 and or M2, it s a great book, with excellent examples.

  4. Tom Tom says:

    Excellent introductory text, combining the modern vectorial, modelling approach with many well selected worked examples There are very useful, downloadable, spreadsheets to support practical work and take some modelling assumptions to their logical conclusions Most refreshingly, no particular board s syllabus is followed and, as a result, the subject is developed with an intuitively accesible order.Taken together with its companion Further Mechanics it offers a grown up narrative approach to a subject which is, all to often, taught as though it were a branch of Chinese cookery

  5. ad ad says:

    I am doing Edexcel further maths, and would highly recommend this book to anyone In my opinion, this book is a lot better than the heinmann one, all the examples are clearly explained and made very easy to digest,when I read the heinman book sometimes, I still found some examples a bit confusing and difficult to understand I don t normally write reviews, only because I am so grateful I ve bought such a brilliant book that can help a lot in my exam Buy this book if you are struggling with some topics in further maths and need some extra help