Written by experienced authors and members of the Editorial Board of the IOP , Advanced Physics maintains the rigors of physics at the highest levels in a style that makes it accessible to a wide range of students It is increasingly acknowledged that many of the problems students experience with A Level Physics are associated with the mathematics involved Advanced Physics deals with the problem head on with full support for mathematics in physics Maths boxes have been created within the text to pull out the mathematics needed to grasp a particular concept A complete appendix at the end of the book has also been added to offer the extra mathematical support needed The key points are objectives stated clearly at the beginning of every spread full color illustrations and graduated questions and practice

8 thoughts on “Advanced Physics (Advanced Science)

  1. J. Reading J. Reading says:

    A good general A level Phyics textbook Sadly a dying breed in the a level syllabus specific books which publishers now focus on Great for inspiring people to look beyond the basics and building synoptic skills.A level students may want worked examples to help develop technique for solving problems.

  2. Jonathan Jonathan says:

    Despite being released over 10 years ago I think that this still remains the best choice for those looking for a core A level physics textbook Its explanations are concise and lucid, it covers a huge amount of material and the layout is superb It has two drawbacks that stop it getting 5 stars it is rather expensive and, as another reviewer has noted, there are quite a few errors in the calculations Not sure if the OUP are listening but a second or revised edition would be a great idea.

  3. Oliver Camilleri Oliver Camilleri says:

    Fantastic, goes into a lot of detail which my school text books do not seem to do at times An enjoyable read too with information beyond what I need to know presented in a comprehensible fashion I would highly recommend the book but is certainly for able students, saying that less able students will get something out of it too.

  4. N. E. Daw N. E. Daw says:

    Its the best Physics book I ve come across However many of the answers to the practice questions are wrong which can waste a whole lot of time

  5. Tom perks Tom perks says:

    For the old spec but all of the new spec covered and in great depth, however not all answers in back which is annoying.

  6. Leading NLP Leading NLP says:

    Arrived unmarked Book is very well laid out with excellent illustrations Our youngster reports it has helped and will hopefully lead to good grades just need the secret to make him use it.

  7. Logan Logan says:

    Wanted to improve my physics in certain subjects and this book is great It has a Q and A for each section e.g Force, Mass and Acceleration and has a really good layout to help find exactly what you want instantly.

  8. lime stone lime stone says:

    This is an excellent book for anyone studying A level physics, or the general reader who wants background knowledge A wide range of topics are clearly explained and the book has really good illustrations I would recommend it