Antimatter explores a strange mirror world, where particles have identical yet opposite properties to those that make up the familiar matter we encounter everyday where left becomes right, positive becomes negative and where, should matter and antimatter meet, the two annihilate in a blinding flash of energy that makes even thermonuclear explosions look feeble by comparison It is an idea long beloved of science fiction stories but here, renowned science writer Frank Close shows that the reality of antimatter is even fascinating than the fiction itself We know that once, antimatter and matter existed in perfect counterbalance, and that antimatter then perpetrated a vanishing act on a cosmic scale that remains one of the greatest mysteries of the universe Today, antimatter does not exist normally, at least on Earth, but we know that it is real for scientists are now able to make small pieces of it in particle accelerators, such as that at CERN in Geneva Looking at the remarkable prediction of antimatter and how it grew from the meeting point of relativity and quantum theory in the early th century, at the discovery of the first antiparticles, at cosmic rays, annihilation, antimatter bombs, and antiworlds, Close separates the facts from the fiction about antimatter, and explains how its existence can give us profound clues about the origins and structure of the universe Oxford Landmark Science books are must read classics of modern science writing which have crystallized big ideas, and shaped the way we think

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  1. Thomas Ellegaard Thomas Ellegaard says:

    This is a nice little book about antimatter Some may ask if one could write a whole book just about antimatter, but Frank Close does it well.The book starts a little bit slow though, carefully explaining what antimatter is Later it catches on, and the second half of the book is indeed very interesting.The book does not only explain what antimatter is, and how to produce it, but also tells us the full history of how it was first discovered and up till now.Frank Close show us what an important role in the whole world of particles that antimatter plays The knowledge in this book should be mandatory for all high school students.Finally Frank tell us about the antimatter we see in the movie Angels and Demons and the possible role of antimatter in the future use in spaceships.

  2. Kevin Jensen Kevin Jensen says:

    Loved it Well written and fascinating read I have always found Dirac a fascinating character being a physicist who reinvented an entire system of maths just to solve the relativistic version of the quantum wave equation I didn t know he was also the father of this entire topic.See my review of another of Frank Close s books, simply entitled Neutrino

  3. Eric le rouge Eric le rouge says:

    This book although a bit short to my taste is a very good start on the subject It does not only deal with antimatter but also some other fields of physics.I was puzzled to learn that some governements have apparently already conducted research for the next generation of mass destruction weapons.Underlying all of this, one can realise the author s experience as a reasearcher.

  4. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Interesting, but because of the fundamental nature of the imbalance between matter and anti matter, I would have liked detail.It s such an important subject.

  5. Andy Pittam Andy Pittam says:

    Well written brief introduction to the subject.

  6. Mr Bungle Mr Bungle says:

    A wonderful book, superbly written about a fascinating subject Highly recommended if you want to know the truth about an area of science which has occasionally been used to scaremonger.

  7. C. C. says:


  8. Cliente Cliente says:

    Very easy book to read for distraction and good knowledge of basic physics concepts.

  9. Federico Valentino Federico Valentino says:

    Antimatter non vuol essere un libro pretenzioso ed altisonante che si inoltra nei meandri pi profondi della Fisica, perch riesce in poche pagine a rendere flessibili e duttili concetti fisici molto complessi.Anche per coloro che non sono molto pratici con l inglese, se amano la fisica e tutte le sue sfaccettature, non mancheranno di apprezzare questo piccolo capolavoro, in quanto tutto viene spiegato e dimostrato con una semplicit disarmante.

  10. SD SD says:

    Great book Must read as an introduction before any proper book with detailed theory on particle physics Gives you a very high standard of insight into the particle physics world Brief and precise.

  11. RudiP RudiP says:

    Ich habe schon viele popul rwissenschaftliche B cher gelesen Die meisten Werke vereinfachen die komplexen wissenschaftlichen Themen zu stark und werden ungenau bzw banal Einige wenigere setzen zu viel Spezialwissen voraus und sind unverst ndlich Professor of Physics at the University of Oxford Frank Close hat im Spagat zwischen diesen beiden Extremen eine gute Mitte gefunden Und dieses Buch hat einen durchgehenden Faden , die Themen sind chronologisch nach ihrer Entdeckung geordnet Zus tzlich verwendet der Autor den bekannten Trick, trockene Passagen mit leichter lesbaren Hintergrundinformationen ber die handelnden Wissenschaftler aufzulockern Allerdings muss man auch anmerken, dass das Thema Antimaterie nicht ganz so schwer verst ndlich und nur mit mathematischen Formeln beschreibbar ist wie z.B die Einstein schen Relativit tstheorien Noch ein Wort zum Buchformat elektronisches englischsprachiges Kindle Buch Als sterreicher mit deutscher Muttersprache mit kleinen sterreichischen Abweichungen und durchschnittlichen Englischkenntnissen hatte ich keine Probleme mit dem Englischen.Ich las das Buch mit einer Kindle Reader App auf meinem Samsung Android Tablet bzw am Home PC Durch Markieren eines mir unbekannten englischen Wortes mit der Maus kann man den zugeh rigen Eintrag im Oxford English Dictionary oder Wikipedia, Google oder den Duden u aufrufen Extrem praktisch auch zum Verbessern meiner Englischkenntnisse

  12. Customer Customer says:

    This book speaks about God written by god himself Every physicist should read this book and appreciate its beauty otherwise he or she is not a physicist One of the criteria to become a physicist is to read this book.

  13. Lautenschlager Lautenschlager says:

    This book, although short, is highly informative and entertaining.It has quite a decent history telling about antimatter, including a compelling one about the possible antimatter meteor of 1908, Tunguska event.If that wasn t enough, it does introduce concepts of curious, new particles and antimatter usages for the mankind s future.

  14. Alok T. Alok T. says:

    Compelling read.Just wouldn t purchase anything from PBC Distributors Had a terrible experience.

  15. Sanjeev kumar Sanjeev kumar says:

    It is an awesome book for the readers who wants to understand matter in a new and detailed way and one who has deep intrest in universe My only query is the quality of the page which is worse