The Oxford Handbook for the Foundation Programme returns in a new edition to keep junior doctors, as well as their supervisors and senior medical students, up to date and give them the information and confidence they need to excel during and beyond the Foundation Programme This new edition has been fully revised to take in the latest guidelines, the new junior doctors contract, and the most recent Foundation Programme curriculum It has new sections to demystify the NHS structure and explore key changes in social care and the interface with the NHS, and revised key information on the medical certificate of the cause of death, the role of the medical examiner, and changes to interactions with the coroner, as well as a new standalone chapter on Psychiatry The junior doctor s pocket mentor, this handbook distils the knowledge of four authors across multiple NHS environments in an easy access format, covering everything from practical guidance at the patient s bedside to aspects of adapting to day to day life as a junior doctor that are rarely covered in medical school With this indispensable survival guide to the Foundation Programme, you need never be alone on the wards again

7 thoughts on “Oxford Handbook for the Foundation Programme (Oxford Medical Handbooks)

  1. seazephyr seazephyr says:

    I wish I got this book earlier in final year It covers slightly different content to the Oxford handbook of clinical medicine tailored for the final year transitioning into F1 year including lots of practical tips I carried this around with me during the last rotation of final year and read this front to back Would definitely recommend this book to any final year medical student.

  2. Drakon05 Drakon05 says:

    Excellent quality book one of the must have s if you re just joining your new FY job

  3. Anoymous Anoymous says:

    Very good for medical school finals as well as foundation training

  4. Cerasela Ciuca Cerasela Ciuca says:

    This book is amazing for those who want to know what foundation programme is about

  5. Anna Osei Anna Osei says:

    It s perfect for being a FY1 and fresh medical graduate

  6. marianthi marianthi says:

    Excellent book

  7. Raihan Raihan says:

    To be oriented with NHS system.