Engineering Electromagnetics is a classic book that has been updated for electromagnetics in today s world It is designed for introductory courses in electromagnetics or electromagnetic field theory at the junior level, but can also be used as a professional reference This widely respected book stresses fundamentals and problem solving and discusses the material in an understandable, readable way Numerous illustrations and analogies are provided to the aid the reader in grasping difficult concepts In addition, independent learning is facilitated by the presence of many examples and problems

2 thoughts on “Engineering Electromagnetics

  1. Kunde Kunde says:

    Very good shipment Also, the content of the book is good for engineering.


    These days the field of Engineering Electromagnetics is a big field, and many engineers find that they need to brush up to delve into such matters as transformer design for a switch mode power supply THIS IS NOT THE BOOK FOR THEM I would have titled this book Theoretical Electromagnetics It looks like a good book for students I am an engineer, so I am still looking for the book for me.