In many schools this course has gone from a two semester course to a one semester course In the fifth edition, transmission lines and other practical applications are addressed early in the text and the coverage of electrostatics is reduced to make this book suitable for a one semester course This text provides flexibility in that the core material is provided in the first five chapters with supplementary material that may be used as desired in the remaining chapters.This text is unique in having hundreds of real world examples accompanied by problems of varying difficulty Additionally, this book covers numerical techniques and contains useful computer programs and projects to afford students the opportunity to gain direct experience in the use of electromagnetic software and hardware This text is accompanied by a website containing projects, recent developments in the field, and demonstrations of electromagnetic principles.

5 thoughts on “Electromagnetics (Int'l Ed) (McGraw-Hill Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering)

  1. Karl M. Karl M. says:

    Item is overall in good condition, really helpful diagrams and content is in a easy accessible format Which can only be a good thing if you ve ever had to study Maxwell s equations The only reason it isn t five stars, is simply down to the item arriving slightly damaged.

  2. Per Sand Lauridsen Per Sand Lauridsen says:

    I have currently read chapter 1 and 5 and parts of chapter 2, 3 and 4 and I must say that it does an excellent job It should be noted, that the web site is no longer available, but the files can be found elsewhere on the web Other remarks is that the end results to examples contains errors on than one occasion, i.e a factor of 10 wrong in either direction if you plug in the numbers from the example on your calculator, but the procedure of the examples is correct Also the answers to some problems appear to be incorrect, at least I ve experienced on some occasions, that calculating the answer in than one way, still didn t produce the expected answer So, the perfect thing for this book, would be a 6th edition with adequate proof reading and making the files officially available again and perhaps introduce a student s manual Albeit the above mentioned, I still feel that it is worth 5 stars, since it handles a topic, which is inherently difficult, in a very good way and also puts real life applications into the picture So on that account, it does a very solid job and in many aspects a very self contained book Should be found on all electronics engineers to be and electronics engineers bookshelf.

  3. Kasper Madsen Kasper Madsen says:

    Very nice book

  4. S. Wilkinson S. Wilkinson says:

    This title does a good job of covering the required material in a concise and easily absorbed format Be warned however, if you are expecting to enhance your studies through the book s accompanying website you will be disappointed as the website has been discontinued.I have had no response from the publisher in 3 weeks regarding obtaining this supplementary material by alternative means and so would advise others not to purchase this title on the strength of this advertised feature.

  5. says:

    The author does a very thorough job in explaining the nuances of electromagnetics This is really a terrific all around text Not only broad, complete coverage of the theory, but lots of interesting real world and practical examples.