Got me through my second year mechanics brilliantly with good explanations and loads of helpful practice questions Still in use in the last semester for a refresh of some of the topics Best mechanics text around I had the international edition Mint green cover and didn t notice any errors Don t pay to full whack for this book though I paid 4.80 for a used copy and it was in great condition, practically new. This is a nice book to clear out few topics of mechanics such as Angular momentum and rotation motion, rigid body motion there is also introduction of relativistic momentum and energy good numericalsthis book can be say a compact mechanics packet not much detailed if you want in detail you must buy books.I gave five star because I got it only in 94.60 Excelent text book on classical mechanics.Clear, very well explained, perfect for first year university degree.Recomended for all students that loves physics. When we look for first year mechanics textbooks, perhaps what we expect nowadays is a colourful picture filled text that goes through the material in a way that allows the student to solve the exam problems correctly This text on the other hand focuses on what physics is and how physics is discovered, its pace is different to what the student will have so far encountered in high school and the problems will challenge students from all the spectrum until they learn that in order to trully understand how to solve a physics problem one must go beyond using a formula and some algabraic manipulation and use their imagination to break the problem s barriers Written in the 70 s by two of MIT s faculty members, this book is clearly not a breeze but the student who takes mechanics seriously not simpl for the sake of being able to solve standardized physics problems but to understand their meaning and how we can extend what physics is will clearly benefit from using Keppner and Kolenkow s Introduction to Mechanics along with Feynman s classic Lecture s on Physics. Nice book on Mechanics Good theory and decent number of problems Recommended for preparation of UPSC IAS and physics Olympiad exams. indian version is not well many topics missing.go for 2nd ed Il testo di Kleppner e Kolenkov una delle introduzioni elementari alla meccanica classica pi apprezzate nel mondo anglosassone Per molti anni stato il testo di riferimento per i corsi di meccanica undergrad degli studenti del MIT, ed ora disponibile nella sua seconda edizione questa la prima.Si tratta di un testo che fa uso di analisi matematica elementare calcolo differenziale e integrale e introduce tutti i principali concetti della meccanica razionale senza dare nulla per scontato La trattazione da fisica del primo anno cinematica, leggi di Newton, momento lineare, lavoro ed energia, momento angolare, moto del corpo rigido Ci sono poi capitoli dedicati ai sistemi non inerziali e alle forze apparenti, alle oscillazioni meccaniche, al moto sotto forze centrali e quattro capitoli conclusivi sulla relativit speciale trattata, nella prima edizione, alla vecchia maniera con tanto di massa relativistica.Il punto di forza di questo testo sono gli esercizi sono tosti e fanno pensare Purtroppo nel testo non sono presenti le soluzioni. an introduction to Traduction franaise Linguee De trs nombreux exemples de phrases traduites contenant an introduction to Dictionnaire franais anglais et moteur de recherche de traductions franaises an introduction to Traduction en franais exemplesTraductions en contexte de an introduction to en anglais franais avec Reverso Context All workshops give an introduction to food safety risk assessment introduction to Traduction en franais exemplesTraductions en contexte de introduction to en anglais franais avec Reverso Context to the introduction, prior to the introduction, to prevent the introduction, to introduction, due to the introduction How to write an introduction to an essay BBC An introduction is the opening paragraph of an essay It should briefly introduce the topic and outline your key ideas An introduction might also provide context and try to hook the reader s as an introduction Traduction franaise Linguee This information is provided both as an introduction to export risk insurance and as a reference work serv ch serv ch Elle est con ue tant comme une introduction l assurance des risques l exportation que comme aide mmoire serv ch serv ch Requtes en cours tricolore, account settings, auprs de, service desk, colocataire, demerger, aux dpens de, valuingHere s How to Write an Introduction Examples and Along with excellent organization, your introduction lets the visitor know that what you ve written is of interest For what reasons would someone come to read your post Craft an intro that shows them they ve come to the right place Here are a few tactics and introduction examples to An Introduction To Translation Oak National An Introduction To Translation In this first unit we are studying transformations Transformations are a way of changing the size or position of a shape In today s lesson we will be exploring coordinates and translations Some of today s lesson should be familiar as it is revision of what you learnt in YearStart Lesson How are you feeling Happy Excited Proud Bored ConfusedHow to Write an Essay Introduction Easy Guide An essay introduction encompasses the essence of the essay and its most important part Your introduction should tell the reader what to expect from the assignment And give a grammar Difference between introduction to andIntroduction to iscommonly used in referring to presenting someone to another person Since my introduction to the use of the DVD player, I watchmovies than before introduction to has to do with a meeting, either between people, or between a person or person, and an idea, situation, thing, etc An introduction to Hinduism Flood, Gavin D An introduction to Hinduism by Flood, Gavin DPublication dateTopics Hinduism Publisher New York, NY Cambridge University Press Collection inlibrary printdisabled oliverwendellholmeslibrary phillipsacademy americana Digitizing sponsor Kahle Austin Foundation Contributor Phillips Academy, Oliver Wendell Holmes Library Language English xviii,pcm The best.Nice examples The best part is the concepts r explained very lucidly But the answers 2 the problems r not given though I hv a softcopy of it which has all answers Although some parts I couldn t find in this book Serves as a perfect reference Could b used as a textbook also if time permits An excellent work on Mechanics for BSc students All topics are well covered and explained The book has a large number of solved and unsolved problems.