I got this book in very bad condition I think this book is rejected by the publisher s, although book s pages are in good condition But the content of this is assume. Best book ever if u r a bsc student in any Indian University. It is essential to get acquainted with the principles of statistics as applied to physical phenomena This book presents the concepts in an easy to follow way The flow of concepts in the book is very natural. The product was in very bad shape. good book Great book for advanced 2nd year students but can be used for an upper year course as well. Absolutely brilliant and so very beautifully illustrated in concept and clarity That is may favorite text in Statistical Mechanics and I do recommend it to everybody who wants to understand the basic facts and tools of Statistical Mechanics Full of references, easy reading, a pleasure to the mind. Statistical PhysicsStatistical Physics Produits et commentaires les plus populaires Modern Classical Physics Optics, Fluids, Plasmas , Elasticity, Relativity, and Statistical Physics par Kip Thorne Habituellement expdi sous jours Prix PrixUn livre pour les physiciens par Bamanh J ai achet ce livre pour offrir un physicien qui ne l avait pas trouv Aprs un livreJournal of Statistical Physics Home The Journal of Statistical Physics publishes original papers in all areas of statistical physics as well as in related fields concerned with collective phenomena in physical systems The Journal is among the top % of all STM journals for the number of cites as listed in the Journals Citation Report Provides up to date coverage of progress in statistical physicsStatistical Physics, PartCourse ofNotRetrouvez Statistical Physics, PartCourse of Theoretical Physics, Volby L D Landauet des millions de livres en stock surAchetez neuf ou d occasion Statistical Physics L D Landau Free Download, Statistical Physics by L D Landau E M Lifshitz Publication dateTopics statistical physics, ideal gas, thermodynamics, fermi, gibbs distribution, bose, physics, classical mechanics Publisher Internet Archive Collection opensourcetextbooks additionalcollections Contributor hst Language English Addeddate Identifier ost physics landaulifshitz Statistical Physics, PartCourse of Theoretical Statistical Physics, PartCourse of Theoretical Physics, VolL D Landau A lucid presentation of statistical physics and thermodynamics which develops from the general principles to give a large number of applications of the theory Journal of Statistical Physics Volumes and issues Statistical Mechanics and Computational Physics Part II November , issueSpecial Issue Dedicated to Cyril Domb October , issueSpecial Issue Water and Other Associated Liquids October , issueVolumeJuly SeptemberSeptember , issueSeptember , issueAugust , issueAugust , issueStatistical Physics Berkeley Physics Course, VolStatistical Physics Berkeley Physics Course, VolF Reif download B OK Download books for free Find books Statistical Physics University of Cambridge little brief in places A companion volume, The Statistical Physics of Fields covers aspects of critical phenomena Both are available to download as lecture notes Links are given on the course webpage Landau and Lifshitz, Statistical Physics Russian style terse, encyclopedic, magni cent Much of this book comes across as Statistical Physics Heidelberg University Statistical Physics Prof Ulrich Schwarz Winter term Last update January ,L e c t u r e h s c r i p t s b y U l i c S c h w a r z H e i d e l b erg U n i v r s i t y Foreword This script was written for the course Theoretical Statistical Physics which is one of the ten core courses for the master studies of physics at Heidelberg University, although in practise it is alsoStatistical physics Wikipedia Statistical physics is a branch of physics that uses methods of probability theory and statistics, and particularly the mathematical tools for dealing with large populations and approximations, in solving physical problems It can describe a wide variety of fields with an inherently stochastic nature Its applications include many problems in the fields of physics, biology, chemistry This is an excellent book, clearly explaining the bases Perhaps a little lengthy for non beginners in the field, but even then you always discover new things, new ideas The seller I bought it from also was very good.