Eating the Sun is the story of the discovery of a miracle the source of life itself From the intricacies of its molecular processes to the beauty of the nature that it supports, Eating the Sun is a wondering tribute to the extraordinary process that has allowed plants to power the earth for billions of yearsPhotosynthesis is the most mundane of miracles It surrounds us in our gardens and parks and countryside even our cityscapes are shot through with trees It makes nature green the signature of the pigments with which plants harvest the sun wherever nature offers us greenery, the molecular machinery of photosynthesis is making oxygen, energy and organic matter from the raw material of sunlight, water and carbon dioxideWe rarely give the green machinery that brings about this transformation much thought, and few of us understand its beautifully honed mechanisms But we are dimly aware that those photosynthetic mechanisms are the basis of our lives twice over the ultimate source of all our food and the ultimate source of every breath we take Eating the Sun will foster and enrich that awareness And by connecting aspects of photosynthesis that are vital to our lives, to the crucial role its molecular mechanisms have played throughthan two billion years of the earth s history, Eating the Sun will change the way the reader sees the world