Enjoying health and preventing illness by combining complementary and orthodox therapiesWritten by one of the UK s most respected names in alternative health, this ultimate reference book has now been fully revised and updated Covering all aspects of health, Dr Sharma provides both orthodox and alternative guidance for the whole familyUnconstrained by one single methodology, Dr Sharma combines modern medicine with traditional, Western with Eastern and orthodox with alternative, arriving at a totally comprehensive guide to health problems and their treatmentsSimple, clear and easy to use two colour throughout Suitable for the entire family covers ailments from preconception through to old age Detailed breakdown of alternative therapies, diagnostic techniques and commonly used drugsEach entry gives a detailed description of the ailment and its symptoms After describing the orthodox treatment, Dr Sharma details appropriate alternative procedures, such as acupuncture, herbal and homeopathic remedies, nutritional and dietary adjustments, yogic and Ayurvedic techniques, biofeedback, Tai Chi and hydrotherapy