Once upon a time there were seven very different women who had been broken but not beaten by life In those tough days of healing, they became the Sisterhood, a group of devoted friends who vowed to change their lives, empower themselves, and be there for each other, no matter what Now, theyre ready to answer the call for the woman who started it all, Myra Rutledge Five years ago, Myras pregnant daughter was killed by a hit and run driver the playboy son of an ambassador with diplomatic immunity Myra was left to grieve while the murderer was free to return to his lavish lifestyle with no fear of ever having to pay for his crime But not for much longer As the air turns crisp in the Virginia hills around Myras lovely old farmhouse, the Sisterhood has gathered for a little creative planning, and what they have in mind is a gift for Myra of long awaited and very sweet revenge