No one interested in fashion, style, or the high flying intrigues of caf society will want to miss Christopher Petkanas s exuberantly entertaining oral biography Loulou possibly also the most neurasthenic In an exquisitely intimate, sometimes painful personal and professional relationship, Loulou was his creative right hand, muse, alter ego and the virtuoso behind all the flamboyant accessories that were a crucial component of the YSL look For thirty years, until his retirement in , Yves relied on Loulou to inspire him, make him laugh and talk him off the ledge the enchanted formula that brought him from one historic collection to the nextYves s many tributes shape Loulou s memory, as if everything there was to know about this fugitive, Giacometti like figure could be told by her clanking bronze cuffs, towering fur toques, the turquoise boulders on her fingers and her working friendship with the man who put women in pants But another, darker story lifts the veil on Loulou, a classic number two with a contempt for convention, and exposes the underbelly of fashion at its highest level Behind Yves s encomiums are a pair of aristocrat parents Loulou s shiftless French father and menacingly chic English mother who abandoned her to a childhood of foster care and sexual abuse Loulou s recurring desperation to leave Yves and go out on her own and the grandiose myths surrounding her family Loulou felt that her life had been kidnapped by the operatic workings of the House of Saint Laurent, and in her last years faced financial ruin Loulou Yves unspools an elusive fashion idol nymphomaniacal, heedless and up to her bracelets in coke and Boizel champagne at the core of what used to be called le beau monde

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    Pour tous les fans d une poque r volue, pour tous les fans de l l gante et mythique Loulou disparue trop t t trahie et abandonn e par la maison qu elle a aid construire brique par brique, pour tous ceux l et ceux qui aiment la mode et ses intrigues, ce livre est essentiel.

  2. Ben Frankel Ben Frankel says:

    A shabby and depressing potboiler rehash of gossip and innuendo Concerning creative people of quality and immense taste and style, why sink to this level Much of the content has been interpreted far better and sensitively elsewhere.

  3. HAT HAT says:

    Great book

  4. Vicenta Vicenta says:

    I loved this book One had to admire the way the author weaves the story of Loulou Built from various accounts, the story travels on its own, in circular motion moving from once close acquaintance or a friend to another It is a very personal account It is very moving in many ways It is multifaceted It is very Loulou in every single way.

  5. Queen Leonidas Queen Leonidas says:

    Lots of back biting and score settling, an unflattering portrait of mostly trifling real and pretend aristocrats and their very junior high lunch table in and out crowd antics Not a very in depth bio of Loulou, unfortunately To compare this to Jean Stein s and George Plimpton s Edie Sedgwick s book is a joke, the latter being a much better book Who are all these titled Euros and why should we care about their bitchy and unfunny comments Too bad, I was looking forward to reading about Loulou and not happy about all the blather about her annoying mother, not interesting.

  6. T. Divens T. Divens says:

    A ghastly book about ghastly people The only interesting part of the book are the Notes on Contibutors I get the impression that the author has debts to settle, and settle them he did I doubt he will be a welcome house guest in fashion circles again You have better thing to do with your time and money.

  7. Shirine Coburn Shirine Coburn says:

    This book is absolutely mesmerizing and I loved it You come away with enormous sympathy for Loulou Her family history was fascinating too Well researched, beautifully compiled, lovely photos My only issue was the unnecessarily bitchy, junior high school score settling the author indulged in, especially in the brief bios of the various participants at the end The book would have been so much stronger without it it really diminishes what should have been a powerful work.

  8. Janet Janet says:

    I didn t enjoy this book as much as I would have had it been written in prose It was, instead, one quote after another with a few paragraphs thrown in once in a while by the author So it was very stop and go reading Not a smooth read at all In fact, it was a tiring book to read The information was interesting reading it was like pulling teeth.

  9. Weston L. Thomas Weston L. Thomas says:

    if i was interested in fashion this book would has killed it for ever

  10. deadre deadre says:

    Fun book to read but too heavy to comfortably hold Buy the kindle

  11. Customer Customer says:

    Wonderful time line

  12. labizz labizz says:

    I m really enjoying reading all the quips in this book And learning about some of the characters I ve only read about for years One of the things I love about it, is that I can sit down for a few minutes, read a few pages and learn and enjoy. It s not like getting tied up in a novel where its tough to stop in the middle of a chapter and pick it up later Especially for those of us who remember reading about these characters who seemed to live such carefree, fashionable and exciting lives It s really fun to read Don t miss it