Invaluable Art JournalOutstanding rich and methodologically sophisticated Art in AmericaA joy to read blunt, funny, mischievous, learned, anything but dull and dogmatic London Review of BooksFascinating Nochlin is a woman of learning and accomplishment Andrea DworkinIf you care about the representation of women, you need to read this Nochlin s direct, provocative and personal tone is a radical rewriting of women in art history ElephantWomen as warriors, workers, mothers, sensual women,even absent women haunt th and th century Western painting their representation is one of its most common subjects Representing Women brings together Linda Nochlin s most important writings on the subject, as she considers work by Miller, Delacroix, Courbet, Degas, Seurat, Cassatt and Kollwitz, among many others In her riveting, partly autobiographical, extended introduction, Nochlin documents her own pioneering approach to art history throughout the seven essays in this book, she argues for the honest virtues of an art history that rejects methodological assumptions, and for art historians who investigate the work before their eyes while focusing on its subject matter, informed by a sensitivity to its feminist spiritTable of ContentsIntroduction Memoirs of an Ad Hoc Art HistorianThe Myth of the Woman WarriorG ricault The Absence of WomenThe Image of the Working WomanCourbet s Real Allegory Rereading The Painter s StudioA House Is Not a Home Degas and the Subversion of the FamilyMary Cassatt s ModernityBody Politics Seurat s Poseuses