Quantum Thermodynamics is a novel research field which explores the emergence of thermodynamics from quantum theory and addresses thermodynamic phenomena which appear in finite size, non equilibrium and finite time contexts Blending together elements from open quantum systems, statistical mechanics, quantum many body physics, and quantum information theory, it pinpoints thermodynamic advantages and barriers emerging from genuinely quantum properties such as quantum coherence and correlations Owing to recent experimental efforts, the field is moving quickly towards practical applications, such as nano scale heat devices, or thermodynamically optimised protocols for emergent quantum technologies Starting from the basics, the present volume reviews some of the most recent developments, as well as some of the most important open problems in quantum thermodynamics The self contained chapters provide concise and topical introductions to researchers who are new to the field Experts will find them useful as a reference for the current state of the art In six sections the book covers topics such as quantum heat engines and refrigerators, fluctuation theorems, the emergence of thermodynamic equilibrium, thermodynamics of strongly coupled systems, as well as various information theoretic approaches including Landauer s principle and thermal operations It concludes with a section dedicated to recent quantum thermodynamics experiments and experimental prospects on a variety of platforms ranging from cold atoms to photonic systems, and NV centres