From the twin screw oscillating engine to the suspended foot treadle and beyond, this captivating anthology of early twentieth century mechanical devices covers it all Over , detailed illustrations including diagrams and cross sections accompany each entry, further illuminating the mechanical workings of a diverse range of devices and appliances The clear and concise entries are organized by type, including sections on mechanical power, steam power, motive power, hydraulic power, electrical power, and air power, as well as chapters devoted to timekeeping and navigational devices mining, milling, and construction devices and a final chapter on miscellaneous devices that defy classification An ideal reference for students, engineers, inventors, or anyone with a garage workbench, this down and dirty volume contains a tremendous wealth of information Offering quick, clear, and satisfying explanations of the applications and inner workings of , mechanical devices, this book is one of a kind

3 thoughts on “1800 Mechanical Movements, Devices and Appliances (Dover Science Books) Enlarged 16th Edition

  1. DaveH DaveH says:

    Much better reproduction than the Kindle version diagrams crisp clear Some very useful basic mechanisms for the engineer.

  2. karthik karthik says:

    This book is definitely not for beginners This book is meant for people who are familiar with the subject Has a lot of interesting implementation of various kinds of mechanisms Only downside is the illustrations are quite small with brief explanations.

  3. gzurab gzurab says:

    thank you.