In this edition of a book first published inby Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, Inc readers will find a summary of theoretical, experimental, and statistical data on fluid flows The book is designed to present a range of fluid dynamics in a concise form with extensive use of tables and graphics

4 thoughts on “Applied Fluid Dynamics Handbook

  1. Maarten Van Ooijen Maarten Van Ooijen says:

    Ich habe das Buch Applied Fluid Dynamics Handbook nicht empfangen Das ist nicht gut, obwohl die Best tigung sofort kam f r den 10.07.2014.

  2. Jim A Jim A says:

    This is a classic fluid mechanics handbook that I had never acquired.

  3. scott scott says:

    I love this book It s now my most referenced fluids book by far It s really well organized and has a lot of great empirical approximations for those times when experience is lacking and you need a good gut check.

  4. Rex Barker Rex Barker says:

    Book was well worth the money Compariable in price to any academic text I bought it new, which is a reprint of the classic Blevins text It doesn t come with any dust cover I was looking for pipe fitting loss calculations, which it goes over extensively Serves as a good guide for actual engineering, since it contains a good balance of theory, design guidelines, and applied data from experimentation on most fluid mechanics type problems.