This book presents some of the fundamentals of computational fluid dynamics for the novice It provides a thorough yet user friendly introduction to the governing equations and boundary conditions of viscous fluid flows, turbulence and its modelling and the finite volume method of solving flow patters on a computer

15 thoughts on “An Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics: The Finite Volume Method Approach

  1. V. Piradeepan V. Piradeepan says:


  2. Cliente Cliente says:

    The product is arrived in time and in quite good conditions considering the long trip it has done I acquired it because I needed a book to follow my course of CFD and this version was available at a very low price compared to the American Version The drawback is the thickness of the paper that is not good if you want to use markers to underline the important concepts. But I do it anyway so is not forbidden.Theoretically on the back of the book there s written that the sale is authorized only in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Maldives so I think is not legal But I assume takes responsibility of this also because from the pictures is not possible to see this clause.


    It s a must for students new to the subject CFD can be confusing if it s not taught properly This well structured books makes it easy to understand these new concepts

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    The book is a good book for people who study fluid dynamics The order arrives before the delivery date and everything went well, it is the cheap editions Good purchase I use it to prepar my exam Recommended

  5. Srujan Srujan says:

    A great book Must read book for students aspiring a basic understanding of CFD Is useful even to understand what s going on in the background of the simulation softwares.

  6. nithiyaraj nithiyaraj says:

    Don t get from hereA lot of pages are blank. very recently noticed it Couldn t able to return also.


    Pearson books need to improve print quality Eventhough no issue Nice book

  8. Gianfranco Gianfranco says:

    Prodotto ottimo secondo le aspettative ma problemi con il trasportatore per dogana e tasse non evidenziate prima dell acquisto Sarebbe utile evidenziare in modo chiaro i costi delle tasse al fine di poter valutare se concludere l acquisto oppure rinunciare

  9. Customer Customer says:

    The book looks like it was printed in a xerox machine I am suspecting it is a fake.

  10. Shailesh Prasad Shailesh Prasad says:

    Paper quality is better as compare to other India edition print by same printer, but not upto the mark

  11. Digvijay Digvijay says:

    Just started reading A valuable resource for CFD.

  12. Customer Customer says:

    The book was slightly damaged when it arrived Other than that, it s a good book and worth its money.

  13. Lekha sharma Lekha sharma says:

    The book is fine but the pages are little bit thin.

  14. Simba Simba says:

    Waste of money

  15. Rashid khan Rashid khan says:

    The quality of the book is very bad..