This classic study presents a single theory of light, integrating two theories previously thought to be irreconcilable The author shows that quantum theory is a natural development of wave theory, and that together they constitute a single valid theory of light Aimed at students with an intermediate level knowledge of physics. Could you write a worse book on physics It appears from the title this book is about light, but upon entering the contents it reads like a very poorly written historical novel The author isn t sure whether to present mathematics or to write a history book, so he straddles in between the two If you look at the section on Quantum Theory, it s just awful Hardly any derivation or insights into the equations And for it s fat size, you d think it d be a tome on the definitive nature of light Hardly This book is of an antique, written by someone who looks afraid of Maxwell s equations and Quantum Theory, and was comfortable with geometric derivations in Optics Forge this book if you want to learn something modern The only reason I can think of wanting to read this book is to get a grasp on important names and experiments done in the theory of Light. Very much liked the explanations that went with the extensive mathematical coverage and made topics easier to understand This is a graduate level book, and I suspect it took years to write Light is perhaps the most difficult area of physics to master. When I was an undergraduate, Ditchburn s Light was not the assigned text, but the one I relied on to really understand complicated topics in physical optics Very clearly written and detailed, but bear in mind that this is heavy stuff.You can t go wrong buying a copy