Written by an internationally renowned philosopher, this volume offers a three part philosophical interpretation of quantum physics The first part reviews the basics of quantum mechanics the second outlines the mathematical methods of quantum mechanics and the third section develops a variety of interpretations of quantum mechanicsedition

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    Another in a series of books by Reichenbach recently issued In the earliest one he explores the blowback from relativity on epistemology In this one he lays out various interpretations of quantum mechanics As usual, he does a wonderful job of laying out the possible ways of understanding the implications of quantum mechanical measurements He goes into much detail about the logical entailments of various interpretations than do contemporary treatments He wrote this in 1944 so Neither Bell s Inequality experiments nor Everett s many worlds hypothesis were available and so he can focus better on the detailed implications of what was around at the time This included the EPR debate Einstein, Podolsky, Rosen with Bohr and Schrodinger Interestingly, Reichenbach concludes that the intractability of the debate was the result of applying a two valued logic to the problem while a 3 valued logic which he lays out was appropriate to qm problems Using the 3 valued approach, Reichenbach concludes that Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen were wrong because it is not possible to have a complete and contradiction free full description of the universe in any system.Alas there is a lot of math in this book Much of two large sections are filled with equations and frankly I will admit they are mostly beyond me, but even those that aren t are not worth the time it would take me to understand them There is also a considerable amount of first order logic, but I have experience with that, and lucky for me that is where most of the philosophical interpretation work seems to be done But you can over look the math and the formal logic expressions and still get a lot of detail concerning the range of interpretations available in 1944 and still debated today Worth while if the history or deeper mysteries of QM are of any interest.

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