For one semester, undergraduate level courses in Optoelectronics and Photonics, in the departments of electrical engineering, engineering physics, and materials science and engineering This text takes a fresh look at the enormous developments in electo optic devices and associated materials such as Pockels Lithium Niobate modulators.

5 thoughts on “Optoelectronics & Photonics: Principles & Practices

  1. Seth K. Seth K. says:

    This book is only really good if you already know the material I m learning this for the first time in a grad school class, and this book is really hard to follow along with There are some sections which are quite useful, however that is overshadowed by the many mistakes and bad practices in the book.Things to keep in mind The author puts information into the body of examples and problems As such, if you read just the text of the book itself and skip the examples and problems, you will be missing a surprising amount of info There are mistakes in the book that should have been corrected between the first and second editions, but were not Simple things like references to equations will be given by Eq 4.4.3 Except section 4.4 has no equations in it.Overall, I will keep this book as a reference rather than resell it, but it definitely has room for improvement and I hope the author will address these in the next edition.

  2. Sharyl Sharyl says:

    The information is presented in a clear and logical fashion, lots of example problems, lots of the problems at the end of the chapter follow the example problems It s a good book for an introductory course, BUT there are A LOT of mistakes and typos Even the solutions have mistakes The result is usually correct but sometimes the wrong value for a constant is shown I also noticed in several places where inconsistent terminology is used, which can make the problems very confusing One problem talks about coefficients of drift mobility, then later refers to motility, which doesn t appear anywhere else in the book It s not clear to a student if this is referring to something else or not This book badly needs to be revised with LOTS of corrections, but glossing over that the information contained within is well laid out.

  3. Tim Tim says:

    This book has great examples, and lots of them

  4. Erica Robinson Erica Robinson says:

    This it the first update to a long standing textbook, and the definitely did it right Good introduction to the field very broad application.

  5. Sarah Sarah says:

    In good shape