I bougth this book because my professor said his class was going to be exactly the same and I must say that the book explains muchs better everything This pioneering text provides an excellent introduction to CFD at the senior level in aerospace and mechanical engineering, and to some extent, chemical and civil engineering It can also serve as a one semester introductory course at the beginning graduate level, as a useful precursor to aserious study of CFD in advanced books It is presented in a very readable, informal, enjoyable style. I had to get this book for my advanced computational fluid dynamics class I opened this book, maybe 5 times throughout the whole semester This a book designed for someone who knows nothing about CFD There isn t anything I could not take from this book that I could not find in my fluid mechanics text books or the user guide of the CFD program I used To be fair, the book explains that this book is designed for beginners who know nothing on the subject, and breaks it all down Which is why I gave it 4 stars Just not a good text book for a class or for someone who already knows a bit about CFD. The book shipped was an Indian Edition Not ISDN number on the cover and likely not for resale in the US The pages are ultra thin and difficult to read and the ink smears Seems like news print. Its a very good book.