This exceptional book considers how far catastrophic global warming can be averted in an economic system that is greedy for growth, without worsening deprivation and inequality The satisfaction of human needs as opposed to wants is the only viable measure for negotiating trade offs between climate change, capitalism and human wellbeing, now and in the futureThe author critically examines the political economy of capitalism and offers a long term, interdisciplinary analysis of the prospects for keeping the rise in global temperatures below two degrees, while also improving equity and social justice A three stage transition is proposed with useful practical policies First, green growth cut carbon emissions from production across the world Second, recompose patterns of consumption in the rich world, cutting high energy luxuries in favour of low energy routes to meeting basic needs Third, because the first two are perilously insufficient, move towards an economy that flourishes without growth Heat, Greed and Human Need is vital for researchers and students of the environment, public and social policy, economics, political theory and development studies For those advocating political, social and environmental reform this book presents excellent practical eco social policies to achieve both sustainable consumption and social justice