Das Buch habe ich gerade angefangen Scheint sehr gut zu sein Oje, wir werden st ndig angelogen Nichts neues, gelle The title will put many people off In fact it is largely a history book tracing the development of energy policies in a number of countries especially in Europe I learnt a lot from this book and would recommend it strongly to anyone who is concerned about the unintended cosequences of current energy policies. Rupert Darwell s Green Tyranny is a mesmerizing book compelling than any other book I have read on the myth of Anthropogenic Global Warming It should be read by everyone interested in the truth in preference to propaganda disseminated by globalists with inexhaustible funds Its unimpeachable source notes back up every twist and turn.Questions should be raised as to why four mega corporations in Silicone Valley Microsoft Google and Apple, behave in such a deceitful way fiercely espousing green energy whilst ignoring the indubitable fact that wind and sun alone cannot resolve their fraudulent claim of anthropogenic global warming Are we to believe that these mega corporations only function when the wind is blowing at the right speed or when the sun is shining At the moment, they duplicitously benefit from huge government subsidies for their own green energy production whilst also profiting from the UN sucking up over one billion dollars a day from the rest of the world s governments collected through its imposition of carbon taxes impossible to maintain if their economies are to remain viable under such constraints This conundrum has the appearance of the Freemason s ordo ab chao awaiting a synthesis conveniently provided by the New World Order , Agenda 21.If you are in wonderment how this level of ignorance is maintained in America then confirm for yourself that 93% of American media corporations cable, TV, Radio, Hollywood, publishing, newspapers, etc are owned and controlled by just five globalist families, who, needless to say, present their own version of the news.They, together with Wall Street bankers, George Soros, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers are ostensibly in denial fervently espousing green energy as the only solution to global warming However, these astute but hypocritical globalists keep their money in oil, gas, and other polluting industry including renewables considerably expensive to buy and maintain absent generous government subsidies than cheap and abundant fossil fuels.Another worrisome proposal by the demonstrably untrustworthy IPCC s is their intention to cut current CO2 emissions by half which they ought to know would completely devastate farming as CO2 is an essential plant food.The net result of all of these machinations is a massive wealth transfer to the UN coffers whilst further impoverishing the worlds poorest countries As if by magic, the real solution to our problems is provided by the UN s 1992 Rio Agenda 21 Its suggested 95% reduction in planet earth s human population predicated solely on a whopping great lie should be of concern to most of us, but It is difficult to get a man to believe in something when keeping his job depends on him not believing it.The same, above mentioned philanthropists, together with other functionaries, have also engineered the location of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan where the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility is still emitting uncontrollable levels of radiation after three of its six reactors melted through their concrete cores on 11th March 2011. Early review but as a scientist and an anti AGW scientist at that, I would like to have seen referenced information and somewhat less conjecture I do not disagree with what is written but the text can be easily attacked by the AGW believers because of the amount of conjecture.I have been following the GW and now Climate Change nonsense for many years and it is nonsense However the Observer Guardian Independent readers will probably continue to follow the Moonbat, Attenborough, Emma T charge.that it is all doom, doom, and is funded by big oil.Nobody seems to ask for EVIDENCE. A fascinating account of what must be the biggest financial crime of any age stealing trillions of taxpayers money in the name of a power driven socialist ideology. Rupert Darwall read Economics and History at Cambridge University He is now a strategy consultant and policy analyst who disputes the climate change hypothesis His book chronicles the events and political machinations that led to a series of apocalyptic, planetary alarms acid rain, nuclear winter and global warming These have all been unleashed onto a na ve and well intentioned populace, often producing panic and ill thought out policies As governments in the developed world cottoned on to the benefits afforded by levying additional taxes on hydrocarbons, scientists have also jumped onto the gravy train Modern science has been politicised and has lost the same innocence of truth that once we attributed to the free press before it morphed into the mainstream media and became the province of wealthy owners and the plutocracy.Darwall traces the origins of the global warming theory to Sweden In the mid 1970s, keen to pursue a nuclear energy programme, the Swedish government first pushed the idea of acid rain on its citizens and then the world Hydrocarbons such as coal were demonised and the scientific consensus was that the burning of fossil fuels was killing lakes and forests This was later exposed as a hoax, relying on public sentiment than actual evidence.The same tactics were used to promote global warming and later climate change i.e Alarm the public with plausible assertions, get the scientific lobby on board, disregard actual scientists with dissenting views, and unleash the mob of indoctrinated people to repeat the mantra What is concerning is that those who promote the theory regard it less as a hypothesis and as settled science They will not allow meaningful debate and the climate change lobby act like religious zealots and less like rational human beings Social media denounces climate sceptics as deniers , a phrase reminiscent of religious fanatics.Darwall exposes some little known facts in his book For instance, Adolf Hitler was amongst the first to promote wind power and the building of wind turbines Likewise, he had a penchant for tidal power He was also a vegetarian and detested capitalism All these Green attitudes sound familiar today, yet the origins of some environmental policy is not It is not then surprising, that the same fanaticism evident in Germany in the 1940s, is seen on social media today A mass hysteria that seeks to repress real science and common sense, and install a totalitarian state. Rupert Darwall s Green Tyranny traces the alarming origins of the green agenda, revealing how environmental scares have been deployed by our global rivals as a political instrument to contest American power around the world Drawing on extensive historical and policy analysis, this timely and provocative book offers a lucid history of environmental alarmism and failed policies, explaining how scientific consensus is manufactured and abused by politicians with duplicitous motives and totalitarian tendencies Aptly titled, this is a careful and systematic analysis of the rise to worldwide influence of what might be called Green Power The anti capitalist, anti Western roots in the New Left politics of the late 1960s 1970s are explored in some detail That Green policies would undermine the industrial power of the West is not merely an incidental effect.The environmental activists who relentlessly warn us about a climate emergency are still viewed by the general public as a minority of plucky protesters fighting bravely against overpowering corporate interests whose greed will destroy the planet it s never just the world This book exposes the enormous power, influence and often blatant dishonesty of the eco warriors and their supporters. Conclusive but heavy going. Green BS It s now become a giant scam