A book about ecology without information dumping, guilt inducing, or preaching to the choirDon t care about ecology You think you don t, but you might all the same Don t read ecology books This book is for you Ecology books can be confusing information dumps that are out of date by the time they hit you Slapping you upside the head to make you feel bad Grabbing you by the lapels while yelling disturbing facts Handwringing in agony about What are we going to do This book has none of that Being Ecological doesn t preach to the eco choir It s for you even, Timothy Morton explains, if you re not in the choir, even if you have no idea what choirs are You might already be ecologicalAfter establishing the approach of the book no facts allowed , Morton draws on Kant and Heidegger to help us understand living in an age of mass extinction caused by global warming He considers the object of ecological awareness and ecological thinking the biosphere and its interconnections He discusses what sorts of actions count as ecological starting a revolution going to the garden center to smell the plants And finally, in Not a Grand Tour of Ecological Thought, he explores a variety of current styles of being ecological a range of overlapping orientations rather than preformatted self labeling Caught up in the us versus them or you versus everything else urgency of ecological crisis, Morton suggests, it s easy to forget that you are a symbiotic being entangled with other symbiotic beings Isn t that being ecological

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